Rez's Scotty Hall on electric and acoustic guitars

Scotty started his musical career as a local musician in Vancouver. He played in various club bands during the 70s, and toured the west coast of Canada. He shied away from club acts at the end of the 70s, preferring the challenge of playing original music. It didn't take long until Scotty found his way into local recording sessions.

He began his recording career around 1981, playing on numerous local album projects as a session guitarist. He worked his way up the ladder with producers the likes of Bob Rock, Bruce Fairbairn, Mike Fraser and Michael Beinhorn to name a few.

Scotty usually gets hired for blistering guitar. However, his heart lies with a lot of melody and his interests vary from Hendrix and Stravinsky, to John Mclaughlin, Jeff Beck, Eric Johnson and Stevie Wonder. He has a deep interest in Jazz and also openly embraced fusion when it arrived on the scene. Bands like Weather Report, King Crimson and Return To Forever were inspirational for Scotty. His number one idol is Django Reinhardt, a gypsy guitarist that is second to none in Scotty's eyes.

Scotty met Phil when they were playing together in a Warner Brothers recording act called Idle Eyes, which had some success in Canada. They had numerous singles through the mid to late 80s. Scotty recalls the first meeting with Phil after they played their first song together. He was so impressed that he exclaimed to Phil, "Where the hell have you been!" The match in playing ability and the energy Phil and Scotty put out was a magical energy they both felt. They promised to do a project together for quite a few years, as no drummer had ever had quite the same effect on Scotty as Phil had!

Finally, years later here is our first self-titled CD, REZ.

Scotty Hall passed away on Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006 following a battle with cancer. Phil has kindly written a few words in remembrance of his friend and partner:

"To lose such a beautiful person and a musician of Scotty's virtuosity is a tremendous loss that I feel without fail every single day. Anyone that knew him knew the kind heart that he had, the respect that he had for people in general and his honesty as a person. As a guitarist you don't replace a guy that can play like that. He apparantly was blowing minds when he was 18!

He was a gifted player as his playing on this record demonstrates. 'Terrifying' as his former guitar teacher commented on hearing Rez. More than being a rock/fusion guitarist, Scotty loved melody and hated wanking! It had to say something melodically. He loved the Beatles and classical music for example.

I count it a privilege to have made the album Rez with Scotty and to have had the chance to document his playing in the ideal musical setting. I'll always recall fondly the inspiration and the great laughs we had all throughout the recording of the Rez project.

Scotty, you will be missed!"

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