Check out the hot gear Rez partners Scotty Hall and Phil Robertson used on the CD.
Listen to Scotty's comments on his gear
Soldano 50 watt Lucky 13 Combo with two of Scotty's favorite Strats
Soldano 100 watt SLO head (top) with 2x12 cabinet (bottom of the stack) Fender custom shop Stratocaster (Jeff Beck model) 1952 Fender Telecaster Reissue Fender custom shop Stratocaster (Jeff Beck model) Fender custom shop Stratocaster 1965 reissue
Listen to Phil's comments on his gear
Visit Taye drums online
Phil on a session at the Armoury Studios, Vancouver, BC Taye Studio Maple Golden Amber drums
Zildjian K hand-hammered cymbals

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